Rich's Tree Service

Magnificent, healthy trees are a boon to any location. They provide shade, purify the air, and beautify the region. However, there are times when tree removal becomes a necessity.


Poor Health

A tree that is dying is not only an eyesore, it’s also a danger to anyone walking by. Old, brittle limbs can snap and drop unexpectedly. Heavy falling branches can cause serious harm to unsuspecting people and animals passing by below. They can also damage vehicles and other property.

In addition, an unhealthy tree can imperil nearby healthy ones. When one becomes diseased, the condition can spread to healthy counterparts through insects. To protect neighboring plant life, the sick tree may need to be removed.

Wrong Location

Whether it was planted there or sprung up on its own, a tree that’s in the wrong spot has to be taken away. It may not have been a problem when it was small, but as it grows it becomes an issue if it’s too close to your home, business, overhead electric wires, retaining walls, or other structures. In addition, the root system can create problems such as buckling sidewalks, roads, or home foundations.

Potential Danger

Tree removal may become necessary when there is potential danger involved, such as a trunk that’s leaning toward a roof, patio, or children’s play area. Overgrowth that obstructs drivers’ visibility is another potential danger that needs to be removed.

Health Hazard

Members of your family or business may suffer allergic reactions, particularly due to pollen or certain types of sap. If any part of a tree is causing health concerns for people or animals, whether it’s the seeds, flowers, needles, bark, or leaves, removal might be the answer to eliminating symptoms.


Sometimes trees may be perfectly healthy, but there’s simply too many of them. If they crowd each other, all of them may suffer. They may not receive sufficient sunlight or water and, as a result, they may die. To avoid problems with the entire grove, some thinning may need to take place.

Service Professionals Can Help

If you think a tree may need to be cut down, contact an arborist. They can study the situation and make recommendations. They are skilled at both tree removal and stump removal, and they can offer advice about the best course of action.