Rich's Tree Service

While most people know that dying or unhealthy trees are at risk of falling and hurting someone without proper tree care, few realize that some trees are surprisingly deadly even when healthy. When you’re unsure about the risks associated with a certain tree, it never hurts to call a professional arborist for tree care and possible removal of dangerous trees.

Doll’s Eye

The Doll’s Eye is a small woody plant that only grows about two feet high. It grows among hardwoods and mixed forests of North America. Its strange white nodules have black dots on the end, resembling clusters of tiny eyes. The plant has cardiogenic toxins that cause your heart rate to slow down and eventually stop.

Apple Trees

It’s common knowledge that apple seeds actually contain cyanogenic glycosides, which is related to cyanide. While you could process a bunch of apple seeds to make a dangerous toxin, you’re not actually likely to have any problem from eating apple cores. In order to reach a toxic level of cyanide, you would have to eat about 20 apples at once.

The Sandbox Tree

Found in South and North America, the sandbox tree’s scientific name is Hura crepitans. Its large, gourd-like fruit explode at maturity, scattering their seeds from as high as 200 feet above ground. When fired out into the air, seeds travel at up to 70 meters per second. While only a tenth as fast as a bullet, this rate is still fast enough to injure someone who doesn’t expect to be shot by a tree. The sap from the sandbox tree is also poisonous.

While these toxic trees are impressive specimens in the wild, even some more common species can be a significant nuisance on your property. Some types of tree sap, like that of a pine tree, will ruin the paint and finish on vehicles, requiring regular pruning and tree care. If a tree is unhealthy or otherwise hazardous, that may be a good reason to consider tree removal.