Even the most healthy of trees can fall as a result of storm damage. If this happens to you, then you’ll want to have the fallen tree removed by a professional tree removal service as quickly as possible.

Reasons to Remove Fallen TreesMan removing tree limbs - Rich's Tree Service

Trees that fall are likely to have a negative impact on your property, whether they are the cause of property damage to your house or vehicle or whether they are blocking a driveway or sidewalk, making access inconvenient or unsafe.

If a tree has fallen directly onto your home, then it needs to be carefully removed before its weight can cause more damage. The tree will need to be removed immediately so that it no longer poses a risk and allows you to make repairs.

Our Tree Removal Process

Our tree removal professionals have the training and expertise required to carefully and safely remove fallen trees from your property. We also use the most advanced equipment available in order to remove fallen trees without causing any further damage to your property.

Once we have removed a fallen tree, we also can provide a short-term solution for any damage that was done to your roof by providing temporary patching to your roof or by installing a tarp.

If you need to schedule a fallen tree removal service in Portland, then be sure to contact us at Rich’s Tree Service today.