Natural beauty, with abundant trees, is a major benefit of living in Portland, OR. The occasional downside comes when trees or large limbs fall unexpectedly. When that happens, call Rich’s Tree Service.

What to Do When You Need Fallen Tree Removal in PortlandWorkers removing tree

Trees fall for a number of reasons, but the aftermath calls for a single solution: expert fallen tree removal. When you call in a Portland fallen tree removal expert, you can get immediate, emergency service if necessary. Relying upon a professional fallen tree service also avoids the chance of injuring yourself with a DIY attempt. Furthermore, beware of anyone coming to your home, unsolicited, and offering to remove the tree. These individuals may not be properly insured to work on your property and may cause injury or damage. Instead, call on an experienced tree service in Portland.

Advantages of Expert Fallen Tree Removal from

At Rich’s Tree Service in Portland, we:

  • Are licensed and insured for your protection, including worker’s comp insurance, business insurance, and Oregon state contractor’s license.
  • Use proper equipment for efficient tree removal.
  • Ensure safe tree removal, without further injury to residents, property or passers-by.
  • Follow business ethics and ANSI A300 best practices as a member of the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association).
  • Provide you with useful wood from the fallen tree, such as chopped firewood.
  • Offer related services such as tarping or roof patching to protect your home until roofers begin work.
  • Bring nearly 30 years of experience in local tree care and removal.

Who To Notify About A Fallen Tree in Portland

Taking photos or a video showing all sides of the fallen tree (and associated damage) is a good idea, if it can be done from a safe distance and if you’re sure it is safe to do so. Who to call for assistance with a fallen tree:

  • You may need to call your homeowner’s insurance company first if the fallen tree has damaged your home, fence or property.
  • If the fallen tree has (or may have) damaged power lines overhead, call your utility provider first.
  • If the tree has fallen from the street (public property) onto your private property, contact the City of Portland’s Urban Forestry division by dialing 503-823-tree (8733) anytime 24/7. They will immediately send an Urban Forestry representative to inspect and eliminate any danger. The inspector can issue an emergency permit for tree removal or pruning if deemed necessary.
  • If you are uncertain whether a city agency needs to be called in, call Rich’s Tree Service anytime, 24/7. Call us at 503-465-2133.

For a free estimate for your fallen tree removal, call 503-465-2133 or visit Rich’s Tree Service online.