man working on tree

Dangerous overgrowth or rotten trees can pose a risk to the people and buildings on your property. Storms, erosion and disease can cause those trees to tumble unexpectedly and cause injury or damage. Eliminate the stress of wondering when a tree might fall by engaging Rich’s Tree Service for hazardous tree removal projects throughout the Portland, Oregon, metro area.

Addressing Hazardous Growth

Hazardous trees can not only impact the people and structures on your property but also overhead lines, passing vehicles and neighboring properties. As soon as you realize that a tree on your property has become a risk and must be chopped down, contact us to visit your property and determine the best process to remove the tree.

Depending on surrounding structures and fixtures, our tree service professionals maybe be able to take out the entire tree intact and remove it from your property. Other circumstances may dictate that we remove the tree in pieces so wires and buildings are not impacted. In complicated cases when the hazardous tree is completely surrounded by structures or fixtures, a crane may be necessary to remove portions of the tree. We’ll perform our initial evaluation and draw up the most appropriate plan for your property before any work begins.

Additional Tree Removal Services

When we take down a tree on your Portland area property, we can either remove the entire growth or chop appropriate limbs down to firewood length to use in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. If you are concerned about surrounding foliage or landscaping, we can upgrade routine services to include a crane for low-impact removals. Additionally, we can prune other trees on your property to prevent them from becoming hazardous growths in the future.

Begin Your Hazardous Tree Removal Project Today

Time may be of the essence for the hazardous trees on your property. Engage our services now to enjoy the peace of mind in having risky growth removed before it can cause problems on your property. Contact us today at 971-915-4087 and receive a quote for your project as soon as possible. Rich’s Tree Service serves the greater Portland area from our headquarters in Fairview. We provide all services during the normal business day and emergency services 24/7 if a hazardous tree needs to be addressed right away. We are licensed and bonded and ready to get started making your property safer.