At Rich’s Tree Service, our tree removal professionals have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to remove any type of tree from your Portland area property, whether it’s still standing or has fallen. In cases where the tree may be too large to move even with the use of our advanced tree removal equipment, we can provide low-impact tree removal services.

Low Impact Tree Removal

Man Cutting Tree - Rich's Tree Service

Low impact tree removal is a process in which the tree will be disassembled in a manner that is carefully controlled without sacrificing efficiency. For trees that already have fallen, cutting the tree into parts will make it easier to transfer off of your property. We can also remove trees that still are standing.

If a standing tree cannot be felled safely, we will make use of specialized equipment, such as aerial bucket trucks and track lifts, to take it apart and ensure that your property remains safe. We will sometimes use a crane for such work. 

Another benefit of low-impact tree removal is that it is largely non-invasive: We can remove the tree from your property in small sections, which can help to reduce potential damage to your lawn or flower beds.

Schedule Low Impact Tree Removal in Portland Today

If you have a tree that’s fallen or still standing but in need of removal, we can use low impact tree removal to clear it from your property piece by piece. Contact us at Rich’s Tree Service to schedule a low impact tree removal service in Portland today.