tree stump removal

If you’ve just had a tree removed from your property or you’ve recently bought a property in the Portland area that contains unremoved tree stumps, consider contacting Rich’s Tree Service for professional removal.

Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

The following are some reasons why it’s important to have existing tree stumps removed from your property:

  • Improve your curb appeal: Tree stumps aren’t visually appealing, which means leaving them in your yard can hurt your property’s curb appeal.
  • Remove injury risk: Tree stumps can be difficult to see at night, making them easy to trip over. They’re a real hazard especially if you have children running around your yard.
  • Prevent new tree growth: If you had the tree removed because you didn’t want it there, then you’ll want to remove the tree stump to ensure that new sprouts don’t end up contributing to the growth of new trees in the same space.
  • Clear space: Tree stumps take up space that could be used to plant flower beds, bushes or possibly a vegetable garden. Additionally, by clearing the space, you’ll make your lawn easier to mow since you won’t have to maneuver around the stump.
  • Avoid attracting insects: If you don’t remove your tree stumps, they’ll begin to decay. As they decay, they will attract all kinds of insects, possibly including termites and other wood-boring pests that could pose a serious threat to your property.

Our Tree Stump Removal Services

Whenever possible, we will use stump grinding, which limits the impact on the site. If this is not possible due to the location or size of the stump, we may dig it out. We do not accept responsibility for damage done to underground services if you do not inform us of their location ahead of time.

The cost of our tree stump removal services depends on numerous factors, including how accessible the tree stump is, how large it is, whether there are any obstacles and the location. We also provide stump debris removal for an additional charge. To schedule tree stump removal in the Portland metro area, contact us at Rich’s Tree Service today.