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Stump Removal - Portland, OR - Rich's Tree  ServiceIn order to remove stumps from your property, there are two common options: grind the stump, or dig it. Stump grinding is the preferred method in most situations, as it limits the extent of site disturbance and impact. It is recommended that you hire professionals like Rich’s Tree Service for quality stump removal. Property owners count on us for a finished job that meets all of their needs.

Stump Grinding Pricing

The price you will be charged for stump grinding will depend on accessibility, location, and size. Each job is a little different and we request the stump be cut as close to ground level as possible. We do not accept responsibility for any damage incurred to underground services during the stump grinding procedure unless previously informed of their location.

Stump - Portland, OR - Rich's Tree  Service
Removing Stumps - Portland, OR - Rich's Tree  Service

Additional charges will apply for restrictive access, rocks, objects growing into the stump, steep slope, and other impediments:

  • Stump grinding cleanup is available at an additional charge.