man removing treeHaving a tree fall over in a storm or after years of decay can create problems for any landowner. Thankfully, it’s possible to assess a tree’s risk of falling with a tree evaluation appointment from an ISA-certified arborist. Rich’s Tree Service can examine your trees for normal growth, good weight distribution and signs of damage and decay that could spell trouble in the years ahead. Once we have a diagnosis, we can advise you on solutions, from trimming and bracing your growing trees to total removal of dead and dying ones. Give us a call today for your tree evaluation.

Broken, Damaged Or Hazardous Trees

Like everything else in the world, trees grow old and eventually die. Most trees will remain upright for a while after dying before starting to rot away and pose a fall hazard. Living trees can also be a risk when their weight-bearing trunks or other structures sustain damage or are weaken too much to stand up. If that’s starting to happen to one of your trees, you need to have it evaluated before it becomes a problem.

The skilled arborists at Rich’s Tree Service have the training and experience to accurately assess the risk that your dead or decaying tree poses to surrounding structures. Once we have finished, we can advise you about removal and schedule an appointment before the tree becomes an obstacle.

Healthy Tree Evaluation Service

Healthy trees also need periodic checkups from an expert who can spot issues before they develop. Our arborists can evaluate young trees for healthy growth, address any imbalance in their weight distribution and give you a range of options for keeping the trees healthy, from minor trimming to keep them straight to restraining cables to guide their growth, and even early removal and replacement for trees that need more work than is practical.

Talk To The Experts About Tree Removal Services

If the trees on your property are cause for concern, there’s no substitute for a tree evaluation service from a qualified arborist. Wherever you live in the Portland-Fairview area, give Rich’s Tree Service a call at (503) 465-2133 to schedule a tree evaluation or to learn more about what we can do to help keep your trees healthy and strong.