home with tree landscaping

Landscaping trees come in all shapes and sizes, but the right trees placed in the right spaces create an ideal blend of shade, privacy and visual interest. Trees add height and structure, and combined with suitable shrubs and plants, provide a variegated blend of plant life that makes your property pop. Rich’s Tree Service specializes in tree care and environmentally friendly solutions throughout the Portland, Oregon, area. Our well-planned, preserved tree landscapes offer many benefits, including increasing your home’s value.

Desirable Tree Landscape Species

Large, well-maintained trees create comfort and shade inside and outside your home, but not all trees are desirable in tree landscapes. Some tree species have shallow root systems, extreme susceptibility to pests, disease or other qualities that make them weak and prone to failure. Others drop annoying amounts of debris or have invasive properties or other distressing characteristics that make them a poor choice for long-term enjoyability.

When choosing trees, consider how they’ll look when they’re fully grown. Saplings and young trees don’t always grow into attractive mature trees. Also, research the height and width of each species at maturity to ensure it won’t outgrow its space. Pruning large trees to fit too small locations rarely works, and it’s expensive, with annual pruning requirements being the norm. Many of our tree removals aren’t due to tree damage but a good tree being planted in a bad location.

Tree Landscaping Maintenance, Renovation And Installation

Choosing the right trees is essential when creating your tree landscape. We want your property to look nice, but we also want your landscaping to make sense. Our certified arborists help you choose trees that provide long-term:

  • Affordability
  • Beauty
  • Color and contrast
  • Root system compatibility
  • Durability (against storms, pests and disease)
  • Foliage health
  • Shade
  • Sound deadening
  • Size/growth potential
  • Variation (from other landscape elements)
  • Wildlife benefits

We can also maintain your existing landscaping trees and install new trees to enhance an existing landscaping design or create a new one. We’re full-service tree care specialists, familiar with large and small, native and non-native trees of every type.

Tree Landscape Experts In Fairview, Oregon

We’re located in Fairview, Oregon, but we serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Portland Metro area, including Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Troutdale and Vancouver. With more than 25 years of experience, we’re a top choice for high-quality tree pruning, preservation and removal. Contact us at 971-915-4087 for a free estimate today.