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Rich’s Tree Service has the people and the stump grinding equipment to provide a quick and complete stump grinding service.


When you have a stump that needs to go, there are two ways to handle it: a complete dig-out and stump grinding. While digging may be the only option in some cases, we usually prefer the faster and cheaper method of stump grinding

Stump grinding is a process by which a rotating cutter wheel grinds a stump to a depth of up to 24 inches below ground level depending on the machine utilized, access, and other limiting factors. After we finish, all that’s left of the stump is wood chips mixed with dirt.

As the wood chips produced by stump grinding are not a suitable medium for gardening, they need to be either distributed in a thin layer or removed altogether, which we offer as an additional service.

The experts at Rich’s Portland Tree Service provide several different options for our Portland stump grinding service. The best one depends on factors such as accessibility and the size of the stump. Whatever the situation on your property, we have the necessary tools to handle the job.

  • Handheld: For smaller stumps or stumps with the most restricted access, which prevents us from bringing in larger machines.

  • Self-Propelled: These are the most commonly used machines in our stump removal toolkit. They are powerful enough to tackle stumps both large and small, as long as we have a pathway to get close.

  • Tow-Behind: Our largest stump grinding machine makes quick work of large stumps without restricted access.

When you hire us to remove a tree from your property, we don’t have to stop when we reach the ground. We provide stump removal services as a stand-alone service to our Portland customers or as a way to completely finish the removal of a tree for those who desire it. Contact us to learn more.

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