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Contact us for reliable tree services. From tree removal to tree pruning, we are the tree care team you’re looking for. Updated Website Announcement Image From A Tree Care Service Company - Rich's Tree Service, Inc.

  • Arborist in Tree - Portland, OR - Rich

    Tree Removal Experts

    Established in 1989 by an ISA certified arborist Rich Gillum, our company has some of the best tree care professionals in the area.

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  • Pruning - Portland, OR - Rich

    Tree Pruning

    We understand plant physiology and anatomy, therefore; we take extra care to ensure that pruning does not cause structural weakness or lead to loss of aesthetics.

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  • Stump Grinder - Portland, OR - Rich

    Stump Removal

    In order to remove stumps from your property, there are two common options: grind the stump, or dig it. Stump grinding is the preferred method.

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